7 Smart Steps to Achieve a Seemingly Impossible Personal Goal

I want to show you seven smart steps you can take to achieve a seemingly impossible personal goal.

Let’s begin with a quote.

If you don’t ask, the answer is always no.

Listen to this one too:

When you shoot, aim for the moon so that in case you fail to hit the moon, you’ll at least land among the stars!

That can’t be bad after all, can it?

Many of us would love to bring certain changes into our lives.

Since you’re still reading this, chances are you are one of those ambitious people who have the desire to actualize their personal goals.

In many cases, however, you are unable to do much about those personal goals. Why?

Here is the reason. Your mind and the ever-present negative folks around you keep telling you this lie: IT IS IMPOSSIBLE, FORGET IT.

What seems impossible is not impossible

What you consider to be an impossible goal is, in fact, an achievable target which only seems impossible.

With the right mindset and approach, it becomes possible.

Maybe you wish to save some money for a cherished purchase or project.

Do you desire to go back to school after so many years spent raising a family or pursuing other projects.?

It could also be that you want to learn a new skill or start a small business to add one more income stream to what you’ve already got.

Whatever your goal may be, you can achieve it.

Here is my list of 7 smart steps which should propel you to realize that seemingly impossible personal goal of yours.

1. Break it down.

It becomes easier to handle when you plan in such a way that you tackle your goal in manageable steps.

For instance, depending on your income level, your ultimate goal could be to save GHS 200. 00, GHS 2,000.00 or even GHS 20,000.00 (freely use your own country’s currency symbol if you are not my fellow countryman or woman – Ghanaian).

To achieve this, you can try breaking it down to smaller achievable targets. Go for twenty or fifty percent first, then the next twenty or fifty percent and so on.

The sense of achievement that you will experience on hitting the first target would give you enough motivation to accomplish the remaining ones too.

2. Start with what you have.

Just take the first step now.

The reason many of your dreams have remained just dreams is that you have never woken up to face reality.

Let’s assume you want to put up a small apartment for yourself (because you’re tired of paying rent).

It is only wise to begin by facing the reality of your income level. Then use what you actually have to start buying the necessary materials in small quantities now.

Do not wait for a raise in your salary or a high-paying job so that you can do it big to impress others. Instead, take the little you have and begin doing something with it.

The refreshing truth is this: The moment you take the first step, you’ll begin to figure out the ways and means to move to the next level.

Soon after, you will begin to miraculously attract more resources to complete it.

3. Start from where you are.

The tragedy of life is that we tend to overlook the huge but hidden potential of wherever we find ourselves at any given moment.

There is opportunity everywhere.

All you need to do is to get a little more creative and resourceful.

The story of the Persian, Al Hafed, in Russell H. Conwell’s memorable speech, Acres of Diamonds , illustrates this point perfectly.

Wherever you find yourself now, make do with it. Start doing something there. It has been proven many a time that this attitude opens many doors in surprising ways.

And remember what somebody said about the so-called greener pastures.

One shocking thing about the grass on the other side is that not only is it not any greener, but when you get to it, you will realize that it is not even eatable.

4. Be willing to pay the price.

There are no shortcuts on the road to achievement.

If you wish to save for a big purchase, it means you’ll have to learn to sacrifice certain expensive habits. You can’t have it both ways.

For instance, if your goal is to build a house, then you must be prepared to dirty your hands a little or even do some back-breaking tasks yourself. This is most helpful especially where you don’t have enough funds to pay for every bit of job to be done at the site.

From personal experience, I’ve discovered that you feel a greater sense of pride and satisfaction when you pay the full price for each one of your achievements, however big or small it may be.

5. Seek expert opinion.

I mean expert opinion.

Not the ever-popular opinion coming from people whose only preoccupation is to offer uneducated opinions regarding practically everything that they see others do. No, not that type.

There is a saying: The only way to find the way to your destination is to ask those coming back.

Do the necessary research, read around the subject, pick the brains of those who have done something similar to what you are aiming at.

If possible, seek a mentor. This is one secret behind the extraordinary feats chalked by many achievers.

6. Keep hammering on it.

Great achievers are just ordinary folks who find a mission in life, dedicate their whole being to it, and refuse to give up easily until they strike gold.

When you focus attention on a task and keep on working on it repeatedly, day in, day out, sunup to sundown, it invariably gets to a point where you begin to see amazing outcomes.

7. Close your ears to discouraging remarks.

I have come to the disturbing conclusion that the most potent of all the forces that can derail one’s plans for personal growth is the group of naysayers who never go away.

They come in the form of friends, relatives, loved ones and nosy onlookers.

Now, listen to me. Do not ever give them the chance to quench your fire.

Funnily enough somehow, in many instances, they mean well for you. But, sadly, they’ve gotten it all wrong.

Pastor Mensah Otabil once told a story about a certain frog which managed to win a climbing contest of frogs only because it was stone-deaf.

This deaf frog was able to strive till it hit the target simply because it happened to be the only contestant that could not hear the discouraging remarks coming from the crowd of spectators.  

Take a cue from that.

I love quotes, so let me end this post with a quotation from one of my favourite 19th-century English writers, George Elliot from her novel (yes, her), The Mill On The Floss:

“If you want to slip into a round hole, you must make a ball of yourself.”


Hi, I am Jemima. I'm here to help you do awesome things that will add value to your life.

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