7 Punctuality Tips for African Working Moms

I want to give you some punctuality tips that can make you win admiration from your employer, your employees or your customers.

These punctuality tips also have the potential to make you enjoy more productive days.

For a working mom living in Africa, it can sometimes get extremely difficult for one to act according to one’s time schedules.

Here are some peculiar reasons why many working moms in developing regions of the world mostly arrive late at meetings, events or their places of work.

Cultural attitudes

For example, you must greet almost everybody you meet on your way to work.

You must see to it that your husband’s feeding needs are taken care of before you leave the home.

As a wife, you are expected to perform all manner of household chores all by yourself before you get out of the house.

Generally, African men find it offensive for a woman to ask them to wash the bowls, tidy up the living room or wash the toddlers’ dresses.

Some men see a woman with her own means of transport as a threat to their ego or authority. So even if you can afford one, you still have to wait for “approval” from your husband.

Low incomes

As an African working mom, it is not easy to afford a personal vehicle to quickly take you to work due to the inadequacy of your income.

Thus, if you find yourself in this situation, you need to rely on public transport or hit the road on your feet.

And by the time you get to that event or meeting, your time is already gone.

Poor transport system

Bad or inadequate roads create traffic jams that will make you spend hours as you commute.

This situation makes it difficult for many African working moms to get to wherever they are going early enough.

There are many other factors responsible for the inability of many working moms in Africa to be punctual with their personal and career activities.

But let’s leave them for another day.

I want us to turn our attention to the punctuality tips for African working moms I have to share with you.

As a working mom living in Africa, I have personally struggled with this problem for a long time.

But with these same punctuality tips, I can confidently say that my punctuality quotient has been going up and up of late.

This is why I have the confidence to share my ninja punctuality tips with you, especially if you are a working mom living in Africa like me.

So without further delay, let’s take a look at my punctuality tips any African mom can apply to their daily activities.

1. Simplify your to-do list

You see, I’m not going to talk about you having a to-do list.

The poor to-do list idea has had its fair share of repetition already.

It has almost become a fetish. And it’s like the moment you have one, all your time management problems are solved. Right? Wrong!

So don’t just make a to-do list. Make one that you can actually implement. Keep it simple,

Personally, my typical daily to-do list is limited to not more than five items.

This is how I am able to focus on the most important tasks in the home, for example, before I run out to work.

I no longer need to be bogged down by too many impossible tasks I have imposed on myself.

2. Prioritize your daily activities

This naturally comes next to what I said a moment ago.

It is not enough to have a manageable number of tasks so you can have enough time to reach where you’re supposed to be.

You have to rank those few items on your daily schedule.

Any time you need to go to work, attend to a customer’s needs, or attend a meeting at your workplace, it will become easier for you to do only what matters most.

The rest can wait for another time in the day – or even the next day.

3. Spend time efficiently

Hello! The world has moved on from the days when people stuck to retrogressive cultural habits.

So if you really wish to catch up with others in different regions who are progressing very fast, you will need to manage your time better.

One way to become more punctual is to draw a red line for friends, in-laws and other extended family members when it comes to how your time is spent.

Imagine a situation where you fail to attend a meeting or a webinar hosted for a global audience simply because you could not tell your uninvited visitor friend or relative to wait or go and return at a more convenient time.

You may have missed a business opportunity, a promotion, or a key game-changing discussion. And this is just because of your willingness to allow people to waste your time in the name of culture and tradition.

4. Give responsibilities to your growing children

It is a good thing to make your children begin to take up certain responsibilities an early age.

Apart from helping them prepare for meaningful adult life, allowing your older children do some household chores will free up some time for you.

So let that growing boy of yours learn how to tidy up the living room.

Allow the children who are capable prepare the family meal occasionally.

Teach them how to wash their own clothes.

These will make it easier for you to become more punctual.

5. Respect your clients or employees.

Do not make the mistake many African business owners make.

The fact that you are the boss does not give you the right to keep everybody waiting whenever there is a scheduled meeting or appointment.

And if you are a teacher, give the same level of respect you expect from your students.

Treat the people under you with dignity. Make the time to be punctual at all meetings you both agreed on.

6. Let your husband keep the time

Wouldn’t it be fun if your husband could remind you any time you are getting late for an important appointment?

You can even ask him to “punish” you (in a fun way) each time you fail to go for an event at the right time.

It is true that it is not in all cases that the husband will always be at home. But hey, if you’re lucky to have yours at home often, let him do this fun time-keeper job.

It will benefit you both a lot. Why? Your loss is his loss and so your profit is also his.

7. Start early

Cultivate the habit of starting earlier than expected.

Begin it all by getting out of bed early. When you beat the morning sun, it will smile on you later in the day.

Though it is not easy for all of us to wake up very early in the morning, it is one of the most helpful habits to cultivate if you want to get your things done long before other activities scheduled for the day.

Wrapping it up

So there you have it. You now know my top punctuality tips to help you get more out of your working life.

Are you a working mom? How have you been dealing with the problem of not being able to be punctual when you need to? Share your views in the comment section below.


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