4 Habits of High Achievers to Emulate

Most working moms are already high achievers. But to go a step further and become a super high achiever is not for everyone.

There are at least four habits that every super high achiever can boast of. Today, you’re going to know these habits of super high achievers.

My dream for you is this: As a working mom living somewhere in Africa or, elsewhere in the world, you will draw inspiration from these habits needed for high achievement so you too can begin to plan and execute them.

The overwhelming majority of high achievers work hard to attract good fortune

Yes, it’s true that luck could just smile broadly on some people and refuse to even look in the direction of others close by. Nevertheless, it is my firm belief that luck can be attracted into one’s life.

Someone somewhere once said what most people call luck is simply preparation meeting with opportunity at the right time.

1. Do the ordinary things extraordinarily well.

Most people go through life doing very simple things. But all the same they achieve great outcomes just by making sure they go the extra mile.

The truth is only a handful of the world’s population can be superstar Formula 1 drivers like Lewis Hamilton.

Also, not too many have the magical ball-juggling skills of Lionel Messi, Neymar or Christiano Ronaldo.

And don’t forget that the awesome rhetorical gifts of Barack Obama, for example, will only remain a dream for many of us.

Again, not even five percent of the world’s best engineering students will be able to do what Ellon Musk does with his innovative genius.

And of course, if you wish to play tennis the way Serena Williams or Roger Federer does it, then you may have to consider going back there to be reborn. Not in this present life of yours!

So, you may ask: where does that leave me?

Here is your answer. It leaves you with your ordinary daily tasks.

The good news is that these have the potential to make you a high achiever if only you give them your all.

Whatever you find yourself doing now, you can make a handsome fortune or a fulfilling life out of it just by applying all your energy, your mind and your time to it.

So many, including the most talented in the examples above, have got to where they are through self-leadership and extraordinary diligence. These are the secrets you need to learn from them.

You may not be the grass to feed a herd of cattle but hey, you can certainly be a worm to nourish a swallow.

2. Do it in a different way.

We live in a world of copycats. When someone dares to take the first step to try a totally new venture and begins to succeed, we all rush to imitate.

My problem is not with the imitation but it is about the way many people go about it.

If you want to be a high achiever but you cannot come up with anything original, take whatever is out there and put your unique personal stamp on it.

Change the method slightly. Add your special voice and your own features. Tweak the design in a way as to appeal to your target market.

I think we all love uniqueness. We love it when something interesting is presented to us in a weird, strange or special way.

So if you want to stand out make whatever you’re doing stand out first.

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3. Apply your effort to the small things

Delight yourself in taking small, consistent steps forward. Then allow the law of accumulation to take effect.

The renowned motivational speaker and author, Brian Tracy has written a must-read article about the magical power of accumulation. He says repeated small efforts have this awesome power of transforming very small beginnings into great end-results.

Is it a new skill that you’re learning, a blog that you’ve just started, a savings goal that you’ve set for yourself or an academic subject that you’re making an effort to understand?

Whatever your goal, you will begin to experience unimaginable progress when you keep to it consistently, even with a tiny effort here and a tiny effort there – over a long period of time.

4. Think really hard, all the time.

High achievers make it a habit of devoting time to thinking through their projects and even their challenges.

They know how to brainstorm new ideas in order to put the right strategy is place for effective solutions.

The creator gave you the brain to use for nothing else but think.

Do you feel lazy to sit down and think about your life in general, your business or your challenges? Then you are under-utilizing the most powerful resource at your disposal – your mind!

To tell you the truth, your mind is the most powerful of all your personal resources.

You can use your mind to come up with new ideas. You can use it to overcome very daunting challenges.

It is entirely possible to conjure up and bring to reality things you wish to possess. I have done it, many have done more and, honestly, you can do a lot.

Just think.

High achievers vs non-achievers

It is never like some are born to be successful while others came into the world to be mere spectators, so to speak.

What keeps making the difference between the high achievers and the non-achievers is the way each one of us goes about life.

I will never stop believing that with the right habits, we all have our fair chance of making meaningful progress in our individual lives.

Which additional habit do you think we need to cultivate to become high achievers? Say it in a comment before you leave here.


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