Reasons to Pay Less Attention to Social Media Likes

You and I need to drastically reduce the amount of time we spend on trying to maximize our social media likes.

Excessive focus on social media likes could be undermining your efforts to develop yourself in order to become more, you know?

Research findings support this

Research has shown that social media is fast becoming the new narcotic.

More and more people are now literally hooked to the consumption of social media content to the extent that it is harming the more vital areas of their lives – relationships, personal health, productivity, self-esteem and so on.

Personally, I began to take a critical look at my social media time viz-a-viz my daily productivity the first time I chanced upon this statement in my Facebook feed:

There is more to life than Facebook likes.

How ironic! And how true!

If you’ve become a social media zombie, you may find it difficult believing what I’m about to say to you. But I crave your indulgence to keep reading.

I really want you to find out how this assertion of mine is more than an opinion. You will then  appreciate the urgency of the need to take immediate action.

This is the time for you to pay less attention to Facebook likes, for example.

Here is my observation.

The “likes” we receive about whatever we post on social media pages add almost nothing to our lives! Then it gets problematic if they are mostly about images of yourself or your belongings.

All they do is give us a false sense of self-worth. And believe you me, that hollow feeling of self-importance takes you and me nowhere at all.

You may receive a momentary boost in your damaged ego. But for what? Honestly?

At best, a couple of a dozen Facebook likes (forget about the love) will make you feel AS IF you have just become a celebrity. But the question you and I should ask is this: are we really? In substance and in deed?

Isn’t each one of those likes just a careless click coming from another bored social media addict in the hope that you may return what is in fact a pointless favour?

Do they really like whatever it is that they have just “liked”? And is that photo or other post adding anything to your productivity? To your life?

Is social media taking you closer to your cherished life goals?

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Now, don’t get me wrong.

I too love to go out there to click on my notifications and feel the love from those awesome SM friends of mine. Many of them give me energy and motivation to keep doing what I love to do.

Facebook is awesome in helping to market my ideas and products. So there’s definitely an upside to social media.

So I too love social media. But I refuse to become a slave to the likes, and oh, the loves!. And you know what? Since I prefer to post more ideas about personal development I hardly receive the kind of voluminous celebrity likes you would love to see.

Boring self-improvement ideas, I mean. But I get satisfaction from the fact that I’m impacting lives – at least one at a time. This explains why I have learnt to pay less attention to the volume of likes I receive for my self-improvement posts and videos.

Why pay less attention to social media likes

Here now come the reasons why you should quickly do something about your unproductive attitude of putting too much premium on social media likes.

FYI (For your information): These can be of great value to you only if you seriously desire to do something productive with your 24-hour day in order to take your life to the next level.

Maybe you’re a student who badly wants to succeed in that examination.

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It could be that as an employee or a working mom, you wish to up your game so you can attract a promotion or gain a raise in your pay.

If you’re your own boss lady like me, the best you may be thinking about right now is how to work to transform that small business of yours to super rock-star status.

Are you ready? Let’s go!

Chasing the wrong goals

The things we encounter on Facebook, in particular, can make us abandon what we need to be doing. Rather, we tend to preoccupy ourselves with the wrong pursuits. Surely, that is a distraction, the arch-enemy of achievement, at work.

No time left to act on the more important dreams.

You may be aware of the situation where you realize too late (after hours wasted browsing through your news feed) that another day has gone.Wasted.

Nothing substantial achieved.

And remember, with each passing day, the possibility of becoming a failure or, at best, an underachiever is becoming too real for comfort.

The wrong role models

This one! All I can say to you is to be careful whom you admire, like and idolize on the silver screen of your super-smart smartphone or laptop or whatever.

There is too much pretension and faking going on out there.

What of the real, real weirdos? My take is this: They’re not worth your attention.

You can’t seriously be admiring someone who is obviously going down when, in fact, all you ever want for your dear life is to keep moving up, can you?

So whenever such characters begin to “like” you too much, run!


This timeless thief of time is there waiting to catch you unawares each time you spend too much time on social media.

The wrong expenses

As for this one, you need no reminder, do you?

For every second you spend on the internet, there is a money cost to it. They call it data, right?
Now if you are a working mom with the well known responsibilities to take care of, why should you be spending your money this way?

Chances are that you are unemployed, a low-income earner or simply a hustler with limited means. Again, why on earth should you be spending the little money you’ve got checking and working on attracting social media likes just for the sake of it?

And you still complain about the lack of capital to start your dream business, the unwillingness of others to help you etc?

Shall we for once stop the joking and get serious with life?


… and other health-related problems.

Now, where is this one coming from? You may be asking right now. Here comes your answer.

It has been found out that more and more youth, millennials in particular, are losing their sense of self-worth and the motivation to do something positive with their lives just by comparing themselves to images of social media “friends” who appear to have gone far ahead of them.

Listen to the ladies …

I will never be able to catch up with Joana. 2k likes! Incredible! And I can’t boast of just five. Look at her in that outfit! Joana who had nothing back in high school now a celebrity.

Then the guys …

When in this life can I also own that smiling automobile Jomo has been displaying on his wall of late?

So you beat yourself up. You fall into the unhealthy habit of self-pity. You give up on yourself. Then you begin to lose interest in everything else. Even food. And your studies, if you’re a student. Except, of course, more social media – just to keep to yourself and keep feeling sorry for yourself.

And for all you care to know, Joanna the celebrity has got tons of fake accounts devoted to performing just one task- liking each half-naked photo she posts. And the lewd men loafing around complement her efforts generously.

As for Jomo, our mega-rich billionaire, the automobile images are all classic photoshop at work!


Faking it

You begin to think this is the only way you too can attract hoards of likes. The sad truth, though, remains that a counterfeit bank note has no value, however real it may look.

In essence, therefore, all you’re doing is wasting more time on something that adds practically nothing to you.

What next?

It will always be a great feeling to find out that others are admiring who we are and what we’re doing or saying online. That awesome feeling never goes away even in the largely intangible world of online social media.

However, truly productive people do other things rather than preoccupy themselves with checking to see who likes them and who loves them.

People who have a burning desire to improve their lot spend more time working on their dreams in the real world than they spend micro-managing social media likes.

I think this is exactly what you and I ought to be doing more. Don’t you think so?


Hi, I am Jemima. I'm here to help you do awesome things that will add value to your life.

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