How to Make Social Media Benefit You

Have you ever felt something in the pit of your stomach which tells you that it is time you found a more productive way to make social media benefit you?

How do you and your kids use social media platforms like Instagram, WhatsApp, Twitter, Snapchat and Facebook?

As a busy working mom, there are so many different ways to make social media benefit you, your children, family and indeed the rest of the world.

All you need to do is to identify the variety of ways other people are busy misusing social media. Next, craft the best strategy to do something in the opposite direction.

13 Instances of social media abuse

Have a look at the instances below. On one side, people are using social media to their benefit. And on the other side, some people have got it all wrong.

Which side do you belong in each case?

If you realize you or your kids are on the wrong side, there is no need to feel guilty about it. Instead, take immediate action so social media can begin to benefit you.

Because there is the need for an adjustment as to how you use (or misuse) social media.

  1. While some use social media to boost their personal brands, there are many others who use it to boost their personal egos.
  2. While some form or join entrepreneurial or personal development groups on Facebook, for example, the only use others can find for social media is to use it to form or join countless groups of scammers and fraudsters.
  3. At the time others are posting to thank God for making it possible for them to start a side business or build new business relationships, some are also posting to thank God for making it possible for them to beat or spite their perceived enemies.
  4. Some post fantastic images of their genuine businesses and products. But it’s no secret that others post images in which they pretend to be driving expensive cars which clearly are borrowed ones.
  5. Many people are using social media tools to advertise their businesses. Yet, others are busy using same to advertise negative images of themselves.
  6. People are displaying their knowledge in many fields through social media but we also see others proclaiming their ignorance to the world.
  7. Some get attracted to personal development ideas and spend the time to share their own views on them while others only see and comment on the images accompanying those ideas.
  8. People are out there writing posts to inspire the world. But at the same time, you will see others posting to tarnish the image of others.
  9. While some use social media to disseminate useful information others use it to spread images of extreme violence.
  10. Some use social media to talk about health and fitness but others use it to promote unwholesome products and unhealthy lifestyles.
  11. While the main interest of some social media users is about the latest technological development and how they can use it to advantage, others are only interested in rumours and superstitious stories.
  12. Many people are using social media to learn how to spend and save money wisely. But there are many others whose preoccupation is to look out for where to overspend the next income they are about to make.
  13. Some are discovering their individuality and uniqueness, thanks to social media. However, others are being swayed to follow others blindly on the same social media platform.

Are you making social media benefit you?

Because social has the potential to develop the person with the right attitude towards it. I know of situations whereby some enterprising individuals have used social media to create profitable businesses.

So, where do you belong?

The above options speak eloquently for themselves. You can easily tell whether you’ve been using social media constructively or you’ve been misusing it.

Maybe you have just found out that all along you have allowed social media to use you instead of the other way round.

But you need not worry. A single bold step to change your attitude should be enough.

The next time you find yourself on the internet, act in ways that fall in line with your higher personal values and dreams. In fact, you can make a huge difference right from today.

You’ve got the power

The power to succeed in making that positive change is right there in your hands, And, you know, it is in your mind as well. Use it now.

Tell yourself, you and your kids are going to use your favourite social media platform in a more productive way. Join or personally create the right group. Like and build the pages or chat rooms that will make life better for you and for others.

Learn to say no to negative influences whenever they come your way. Rinse and repeat your successful efforts. Develop consistency in your new constructive use of social media.

This way, rather than make you become less productive, social media will begin to add more to your life.

Do you have a different view of  social media use? Come on. Feel free to air your views in a comment before you leave.


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