6 Steps to Preparing Your Mind for a Simplified Lifestyle

There are many comforting benefits to be derived from a decision to adopt a more simplified lifestyle.

More and more people are beginning to come to terms with the abiding emptiness in their lives despite the numerous material possessions they have toiled to pile up for themselves.

Many are the people who are realizing, on a daily basis, that perhaps, just perhaps, life could become more satisfying if only they could stop chasing material stuff.

Sadly though, we live in a world where conspicuous consumption has become a glorified virtue. It is no longer easy for anyone to just forget about chasing after the so-called good life.

Many are those who shy away from the mere idea of embracing a minimalist lifestyle.

Below are the steps you can take to prepare your mind for the simplified lifestyle ahead of you so you don’t relapse a few days or weeks into the journey.

1. Think of money as a tool for adding value to the lives of others.

Money should never be an end in itself.

When we look at money as something which is only good for maintaining our own expensive lifestyles or for boosting our little egos we end up getting greedy and mean toward others around us.

Yes, I work and pray for more money every day, just like most other people do. But, for me, the greater part of the little I’m able to make is devoted to ensuring that others may lead a more contented life now or in the future.

When you make this change in the way you value money, you cannot fail to be happy living on less.

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2. See vanity for what it is.

Vanity is like an empty water vessel to a thirsty soul. It lacks substance and it adds absolutely nothing to your self-worth.

We tend to erroneously believe that the more material stuff we acquire the more valuable and powerful we become in the sight of others.

This is why we keep on piling up things which only burden us more.

The truth is nobody really cares about your possessions.They’re too immersed in their own rat-race to take much notice.

And what if even they cared? Would that really make you a happier and more fulfilled individual? I honestly don’t think so.

3. Constantly remind yourself of your mortality.

No, not to get you scared! Neither is it to make you become one of those lazy folk who justify their lacklustre attitude to life by the saying, after all, we’re going to die anyway.

The point I’m trying to make is this: you don’t have to burden your already stressed life with too many non-essential things and desires.

Knowing that your short life is just like a drop of water in the Atlantic Ocean will give you the serenity to enjoy life with only what you truly need.

4. Let the carefree lifestyle of the less privileged energize you.

I hear a lot about the way some visitors from the more developed parts of the world express amazement and deep appreciation for the way people in less developed countries approach life so valiantly and with so much gait.

They love their positive demeanour in spite of the daunting challenges they face on a daily basis.

This is an important lesson for you and me.

People we consider to be poorer than we are always have something to teach us about what really makes a person happy in this life.

Their carefree attitude, even in the midst of overwhelming odds should keep reminding you that you can live with little and still be just fine.

5. Re-consider your long-held personal values.

Here are some of my own values.

  • I cannot stand it when others around me are hungry while I’m full.
  • I have little time for trying to get the attention or an applause from others.
  • I value knowledge and I value compassion.
  • I value life, regardless of whomsoever it belongs to.

What are your values? It will be difficult for you to choose a simplified lifestyle if you only think about yourself and about what others will say about you.

You may start but you will soon give up to return to the rat-race.

6. A simplified life is never cheap.

Believe me when I tell you a simplified lifestyle is not cheap.

It’s a great feeling to lead a much more simplified life than the dizzying roller-coaster one you’ve been forced to be a part of all this while.

You know why? Here come my reasons.

  • Because it gives you more freedom to pursue the passions you really care about.

In my case, it’s all about spreading personal development ideas to all corners of the globe. How super-excited I am doing this!

  • It restores your disappearing self-confidence as you begin to get to grips with your financial affairs. 

You can now look at yourself in the mirror and tell the guy facing you that their chances of gaining financial freedom are now brighter than they’ve ever been.

Why? Because you now spend less on less stuff and are therefore able to conserve more money than you’ve ever dreamt of.

If that’s not great then I don’t know what is.

Finally …

I’m aware of the fact that the simple lifestyle is not for everybody.

Some are just okay with the status quo. That’s fine.

But I am not.

And chances are that you too aren’t.

That is why you have got to this stage in this article.

So, if that’s the case, then I urge you to take the above steps to prepare your mind for a more fulfilling, happier and less stressful life.

Tell me. What are your thoughts on the idea of a simplified lifestyle? Leave them in a comment below.


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