7 Cool Ways to Spend Less on Your Child’s Quality Education

Let’s talk about how to spend less on your child’s education in today’s tough economic environment.

Has it ever occurred to you that it is possible to give your child the best in formal education without breaking the bank?

Yes. It is entirely possible for any parent to spend frugally on their child’s top quality education.

Frugal living with regard to giving your children good formal education helps you to avoid running into financial difficulties like debt or lack of money.

For those of us with limited means, wherever we may be living in the world, the best way to educate our kids well, and still have a decent lifestyle, is to know what to spend and what not to spend.

And if you happen to live in a tough economy in any part of the less developed world, your best bet for staying financially sane is to watch how you spend on educating your children.

I’ve got some ideas for you to consider.

Kindly do well to add your own. Don’t forget to tell me what you think about educating a child without running into financial trouble.

1. Homeschooling

Give your child home-schooling if you can and if the law allows it. It is best to be that teacher yourself. You can also employ others to help. My advice is that you take extreme care while looking for your child’s home instructor.

2. Some public schools are still better

Get a good state-owned school for your child.

They are usually less expensive than the privately-owned ones. It is true that standards are falling but it is also true that there are still very serious ones with rare, competent teachers.

Go look for some good public schools and you’ll realize they are even better than some overly-rated private ones.

3. Spend what you can truly afford.

Spend on your child’s educational needs and wants according to the level of your income. It is never a wise move to copy what your more financially-endowed neighbour, friend or colleague may be doing.

4. Not all extra classes are good enough

Think twice before jumping on the bandwagon of parents falling over themselves to pay for this or that extra tuition for their wards.

Not all extra classes are worth the expense!

Avoid throwing money away just to let everybody else know that you’re serious about your child’s education.

5. Free educational resources

Find free online educational resources for your child.

You will find lots of very good ones if you make the effort. This will save you the cost of buying expensive textbooks and other materials offline or even online.

6. Control feeding costs

Train your child to get comfortable with taking home-prepared food to school if that is allowed where you are.

Can you guess the benefit?

My personal experience right from childhood up till now has taught me one frugal living lesson: It is more economical eating from home than from out of the home.

7. Help your child to develop self-confidence

Instill in your child a high sense of self-worth. This will make it more difficult for them to fall into the expensive habit of comparing themselves to other children and their parents.

You will save yourself a lot of financial headaches if you do not have to keep spending money unnecessarily just to make your child feel “equal” to their mates.


To spend less on your child while they are in primary or high school demands a combination of frugal living skills.

The first approach that comes to mind is to find ways to cut the usual expenses.

But besides directly reducing your child’s educational expenses, you will also want to do something else. Take conscious steps to groom your child to develop the kind of attitude that promotes financial discipline in the home.

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