Avoid Acting Rich to Become a Serial Achiever

Do you want to reach a stage in your life where you can confidently call yourself a serial achiever?

If you are looking for a simple strategy to help you to become a serial achiever then you have come to the right place.

But before I tell you …

As we prepare to step into another significant stage of the year, my question to you is this: Is your NO to laziness and time-wasting small talk tough enough?

Fact is, your NO to these two enemies of achievement must be strong enough so that it can pave the way for you to take repeated action on your dreams.

One question: Why is it that so many never realize their dream of becoming super achievers despite their hard work and dedication?

Here is your answer: they enjoy acting rich.

As soon as they achieve one goal, they want to show to everyone around that they have arrived.

So they act rich instead of taking steps to build a solid foundation for repeated achievement.

Acting rich may give you an instant good feeling. It may make you appear prosperous in the eyes of the world.

But are your really rich? No, you aren’t!

All you’re doing is throwing rough sand into your own eyes. Soon, it’ll begin to hurt.

Do you wish to build a more solid foundation in the coming months for your future prosperity?

Are you filled with a burning desire for serial achievement?

Then you need to resist the temptation to make people think that you’re a “rich” woman or man now.

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You can prepare for repeated achievement by adjusting your spending habits in the following ways.

Stop acting rich!

The following are the commitments I’m making to myself as I move over to the next stage of my life’s journey.

  • Avoid acquiring extra stuff you merely want but which you really don’t need.
  • Do not borrow money to buy fanciful stuff or things you may not use in the next few weeks or months.
  • Cut all other credit purchases to the barest minimum.
  • Feel content with your chosen frugal way of living.
  • Resist the temptation to compete with that colleague or neighbour.
  • Draw and faithfully implement a wealth-building plan.

Design the serial achiever’s strategy.

While you make daily efforts to avoid acting rich, you also need to quickly start building wealth. That is when your personal serial achiever’s strategy will come in handy.

You will need to consider the following steps to set you on the road to becoming a serial achiever.

  • Start a new side business. That is if you haven’t started one yet. Just make sure you do not spread your resources too thin with too many additional startups.
  • Then plough back a significant portion of your profits into your existing business or businesses.
  • Acquire the necessary tools to learn a new skill or to acquire relevant knowledge. They will help you to achieve more.
  • Buy assets instead of liabilities. Assets are the building block for repeated achievement.
  • Make sure you enjoy the trip. Pamper yourself once in a while. This gives you the energy and motivation to move to the next level.

So, there you have it. It is easy to try to let the world know that we are doing well financially.

After all, all it takes is a loan from here and there, some expensive purchases on a credit card, or spending all the income as soon as it comes in.

But you and I know this truth: Acting rich can never be the same as being wealthy.

The surest path to wealth is repeated achievement of worthy financial and other personal growth goals.

This is why you need to avoid falling into the acting-rich trap and begin to work towards becoming a real, serial achiever.

Are you ready to at least attempt to keep achieving more of your personal goals? Do you want to build wealth for the future? Then act on the above ideas.

You too have what it takes to become a high achiever.

Thank you!


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