How to Make Your Free Time Profitable

Are you unable to make your free time profitable? Interestingly, it is the proper use of their free time that has made those colleagues you consider as being lucky what they are.

Ask any highly productive person about their secret, and they will not fail to mention the need to make one’s free time profitable.

Today, I’m here to bring to your attention some steps you can take to achieve that goal.

But before I give you the secrets to making your free time profitable, let’s take a brief look at what “free time” means in this context. I will do so by citing three occupation-related free times I know.

So, come with me.

  • Teacher: break time, time after closing for the day, weekends, holidays, vacation periods.
  • Nurse/Doctor: Off-duty period, annual leave, public holiday (that is, if there comes no emergency).
  • Entrepreneur: Any time business is slow and dull.

Do not fret if none of the above applies to you. Because I know, for sure, that there are moments in your career where you have enough time to either waste or make profitable.

Here now come my suggestions for you to make profitable use of your free time.

I am going to divide the points into two categories. The first three points shall deal with how to make sure you are able to get productive with your free time.

The second part, on the other hand, will focus on three specific things you ought to be doing during your free time to give you additional profit.

1. Place value on your free time.

It is tempting to take all those minutes, hours or even days for granted and spend them as if they don’t matter in your scheme of things. The truth is they form part of the 365 days for which you made those new year resolutions.

Therefore, you will be losing the same resource that you have already planned to help you improve your situation. That is, if all you find yourself doing is allowing all this time to go without any results.

Learn to value your free hours and days. Do not allow time-wasting activities or laziness to eat them away just like that. Determine what your free time could mean in terms of profits and extra revenue or income.

Your success at placing value on your free time is the most important step toward making it profitable.

2. Get a goal.

Now that you know what your free time is capable of adding to your productivity or income, get down to finding a worthwhile goal to aim for during that time.

It is necessary for you to be specific about the goal in terms of the outcome you desire.

For instance, are you aiming for an additional income equivalent to ten, a hundred or a thousand US dollars? What quantity of goods do you expect to produce? How many clients would you like to serve during this period? What new knowledge or skill would you like to acquire?

Put a number to the phone calls or contacts you aspire to make. Remember, the specifics are going to make it easier for you to put your free time to productive use.

3. Plan ahead.

Now that you know the value of your free time and the targets you want to hit during that period, it is time for you to create an action plan.

This is the time to tell yourself the exact steps you need to take. Plan to ensure that you’re making your free time profitable.

Do not wait to plan only when the time arrives. It is a more strategic move to plan and wait for that time to come. Your mind will be ready for action so it wouldn’t allow any temptation to spoil your free time when it arrives. I hope you get my point.

Now let’s move on to look at three profitable activities that can help anyone to make their free time a productive one.

4. Do-it-yourself activities

Your free time is the best time for you to implement a good number of personal projects all by yourself.

Some examples for you.

You can save money by using your free time to personally work on the garden, do the laundry, keep the lawn tidy or do some key shopping.

Why don’t you mend the fence, stitch the kids’ torn clothes, prepare your spouse’s favorite meal or simply paint that ugly-looking wall to give it a new and refreshing look?

5. Learn something new.

Gone are the days when all we need to do is get some qualification from school, get a job and thereafter forget about learning any new thing.

In today’s fast-moving world, the more and newer skills you have the brighter your chances of increasing your income. Not to talk about your personal worth.

I need not remind you that if you are a busy working mom, the best time to add value to yourself is during your free time.

Now you can apply for that online course, attend a webinar or read an inspiring book. You can even get a friend, or another skilled person to train you in such modern day skills as computer programming, stock or forex trading, e-commerce, online publishing and the like.  

6. Reflect.

Yes, you heard me right. Simply reflect.

This is the time to find a peaceful, secluded place where you can think deeply about the direction of your life.

Use your free time to take stock of your week or your entire life so far. Examine your current stage on your life’s journey. Instead of waiting for the end of the year to come so you can do the “resolution-ritual” that almost invariably gets you nowhere, see your free moments as a good opportunity to assess your life much more regularly.

Consider your successes, failures and your dreams for the next couple of weeks or months. Brainstorm ways to perform better.

Also, never forget to look after your spiritual well-being. It is necessary for you to make sure that your ways and dreams are in harmony with the one source of abundance in the universe.


I’ve been giving you the tips you need to make your free time profitable next time it comes around. That may even be happening within the next few hours or days. Whenever your free time appears on the horizon, never forget these ideas.

Are you satisfied with the way you go about handling your free time? As a working mom, do you even have one at all? Please, share your thoughts in a comment below.


Hi, I am Jemima. I'm here to help you do awesome things that will add value to your life.

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