5 Clever Ways to Feed Your Family on A Minimal Budget

We live in tough times when it is getting increasingly difficult to live on a minimal budget. These days it is as if it were no longer possible to live on a minimal budget.

However, as a working mom, you may not be earning as much income as you would love to. So, does that mean your children should go hungry or become undernourished for lack of good, regular diet? No, I don’t think so.

This is the dilemma we, as working moms, face on a daily basis. In such circumstances, one of the best options you may have to consider is to feed your family on a very small budget.

Difficult? Sure! Impossible? No. It can be done.

This article going to give you some practical ideas as to how to feed your family on a minimal budget. So, if you’re searching for a solution to your difficulty in feeding your family in the face of a very low income (or high cost of living, or both), I invite you to continue reading.

On the other hand, you may be a relatively high income earner but wise enough to know that you can’t afford to blow it all on groceries. Of course, there are other pressing needs to take care of now and in the future. You, too, are invited to my table.

I am going to dish out to you actionable tips on how to feed your family on a minimal budget.

1. Assess your feeding needs and wants.

You will need to do this so that you can have a clear idea as to what you should stop spending extra cash on.

The truth is we tend to waste so much savable money just in the name of adequately taking care of the feeding needs of our homes. This is why a dispassionate assessment in this direction will open your eyes to the way you may be throwing away money on unnecessary purchases.

You may even decide to bring in your older children and your husband for this exercise, that is if you have one.

2. Stop preparing more than enough meals.

It is not a helpful habit to,for example, prepare more food than you can consume within a specific period of time. I honestly don’t think those who wantonly throw away high volumes of leftover food have any justifiable reason to complain about their incomes not being enough to feed their families.

With a little effort invested in planning your meals, you will realize that you do not need that much money to make everybody in the home feel adequately fed.

3. Choose fresh over processed.

Processed food is great, no doubt about that. In fact some processed foods are much tastier than their fresh counterparts. Apart from this, it may also save you the headache of having to throw away rotten foodstuffs that you bought fresh.

So why choose fresh foodstuffs over processed ones despite all these advantages? It is because processed food tends to cost more. And we are talking about feeding your family on a small budget here.

You get my point?

So, as much as you can, go for wholesome fresh foodstuffs that cost much less than the fresh ones. This is one sure way to save money for other equally important commitments.

4. Let the children eat home-prepared food more often.

One main cause of unacceptably high feeding expenditures in many homes is the habit of eating out almost all the time.

Are you a working mom interested in feeding your family on a minimal budget?  There is this one-million dollar secret I want to share with you. You can gain a lot financially just by simply making your children enjoy home-made food.

This is far better than giving them money to buy food from outside.

5. Budget first, commit second.

There is no way you can feed your family on a minimal budget if you do not have a budget to start with.

So, it is only wise on your part to spend some time deciding on your feeding expenses come the next pay-day. Do not wait for the money to arrive before deciding on how the budget is going to be like. Do it in advance.

At the very least, you have a fair idea about the amount of money you are expecting. Let that be your guide. List the most needed items and add to each one an estimated money cost. Revise it regularly till you are satisfied with what you have. This now becomes your working document you must implement as soon as the money arrives.

Final word …

Believe me, it has always been possible to feed your family even on a very tight budget. Many are the working moms that are pulling this trick off with amazing ease. You too can do it. Give it a try from this very moment.

Do you know of other clever ways that families can reduce their feeding expenses? Please write your comment below.

Now, before you leave …

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