Why You Need to Develop the Appetite for Learning

Never assume for a second that you are the only person who occasionally loses the appetite for learning something new. Almost all working moms do.

The main reason is time factor. We are too busy taking care of our kids, families and careers to hunger after new knowledge.

But the benefits of learning something new should provide enough motivation for us to find the time to learn one more skill.

My aim for writing this article is to help you to rediscover those powerful motivators that once made you go to school to acquire knowledge and skills.

In fact, the reasons for which we had a strong appetite for learning in our younger years don’t change much. What has changed is the level of urgency for developing a new appetite for learning.

If it was necessary for you to study for a qualification as a young girl or woman growing up, then it has now become imperative for you to even do more. You cannot hope to survive in today’s fast-evolving work environment if all you have to offer is that qualification you trained for a decade or more ago.

 Are you ready to learn why you need to develop the appetite for learning? Keep reading.

Opportunity for an increase in income

There is this saying that the more you know, the more you tend to earn. And it is generally true.

All you need to do is to learn the right skills and acquire the best form of knowledge. Because not all learning can make you earn more.

People have been able to double their incomes by simply adding one more skill to the old things they learnt back in school. This is reason enough for you too to think of learning something new.

Minimize the risk of losing your job.

The demands of the job market are changing constantly. What does this mean for the average worker? Here is the answer. Those who keep learning are always ready for any change in demand on the labour market.

Because they can adapt to any changing circumstance at the workplace. And when the time comes to send some staff members home for the fact that their services are no longer needed, the one who has a new set of skills ready to offer the employer is more likely to stay.

I think this is one of the best reasons to keep learning even if you are currently in a secure position.

Ease of changing your career

Maybe you’re the type who loves variety. Like many other people, you simply cannot remain in one job for a long time. You crave for change, adventure and new challenges.

This is what your learning can help you to achieve any time you’re ready. When you develop the appetite for learning new things, it becomes easier for you to make that transition into a new career without much difficulty.

Better home management skills

As a working mom, there is so much knowledge out there to acquire to allow you to manage your home better. The good news is that much of this knowledge is completely free to access.

Today, you will be amazed at the sheer volume of information on the internet about caring for and grooming your children  

Developing the appetite to keep learning will turn you into a supermom in no time.  You will now be able to deal with those thorny issues in the home that almost every working mom faces on a daily basis.

Budgeting, basic hygiene, prevention of minor accidents, adolescence-related issues are just some of the skills you will learn to keep doing better as a working mom.

Increased self-confidence

When you are in possession of new knowledge or one of those skills everyone is talking about of late, you tend to get more self-assured.

You, too, are in the league of modern, ready-to-adapt ladies. In some strange way, this growth in your self-confidence is so palpable that everyone seems to notice it without you saying a thing.

Thus, it boosts your self-image. And, naturally, you wake up every morning, with this unusual boldness, ready to face the world on your own terms.

Let’s wrap it up …

It is obvious that every working mom has a lot to gain by bringing back their lost appetite for learning. You do not have much time to waste on this important decision. Take the first step now. You will be surprised at the self-confidence and all the benefits that will begin to come your way.


Hi, I am Jemima. I'm here to help you do awesome things that will add value to your life.

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