Should I Set Up A Home Office?

There comes a time in every working mom’s life that they begin to consider whether to set up a home office or not.

In many cases, the desire to set up a home office may stem from a specific need or just because you work from home part-time or on a full time basis.

Whatever the circumstances, you may just be right in your decision to set up a home office for your business or career.

Apart from the things you will need to come up with a home office that serves your purpose, it is necessary to find out if setting up a home office at this moment in time is the best choice for you.

Timing matters …

So, how can you be certain that it is time to set up a home office?

As you can see, the question as to the best time to have a functioning office in your house is not an easy one to answer.

If you ask me, my first response will be a disappointing … “it depends”.

It depends, because your personal priorities, preferences and, most importantly, resources will have to come into play in this matter.

So let’s take it that you are certain that you have all the things in place to easily set up a home office.

Reasons to set up a home office

In this scenario, your next question will be: what benefits are there for me to gain from a home office?

Of course, there are many ways a home office can help you.

Below are a few reasons why you should go ahead to set up a home office.

Nearness to your work

A home office brings your work closer to you.

One obvious advantage here is that you can work at any time you feel like it. Time wasted commuting to a distant office out of your home is saved and can be put to a more productive use.

The overall benefit is higher output with all its other benefits you can imagine.

More time with family

If you decide to work full time from home after taking the decision to set up a home office, know that you will now have more time to spend with your children, and possibly, your partner.

The quality time you will be spending together, henceforth, will significantly contribute to making your home a more enjoyable place.

Now, you can pay greater attention to taking care of your children’s needs.

The freedom they had in the past to do things that could make them go wayward will now be curtailed because mom is always around, watching.

Moreover, the little ones that get bullied by the more aggressive ones will heave a sigh of relief. Why? Because they can run to you any time danger looms.

All this will make your children grow up into adults with a positive self-image.

It will save you money

Whether your home office gives you the chance to attend to a portion of your work while at home or it allows you to become a full-time work-at-home mom, there is some money to be saved at the end of the day.

The key areas where you will quickly see a reduction in your personal expenses, just by spending more time working at home, include the following.

Gas/fuel for your vehicle

Frequent maintenance on the same vehicle

Eating out in restaurants or buying processed food from that supermarket close to your out-of-home office.

Footwear and other clothing items – because you will no longer be wearing all that too frequently.

Impulse buying. We both know how vendors of all kinds of commodities use very clever means to make us part with money the moment we step out on the road to work. All that money can now serve a more profitable purpose.


As a working mom myself, I’ve seen the benefits of working part-time from home. And I believe that they are worth it.

So what should I be telling you? Get it done if you think a home office is what you need at this particular moment. One thing I can tell you with all certainty is that there is even a lot more to gain as soon as you set up a home office and begin to work from there.


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