Things Needed to Set Up A Productive Home Office

To set up a productive home office and to simply have any home office are two vastly different propositions.

In other words, it is not every home office that will help you to achieve the objectives that you set for yourself and for your home business.

Is it possible to have a productive home office? Yes.

Can you make this happen? Well … that’s a much more difficult question for me to answer.

You see, only you will know if you have what it takes to set up and manage the kind of home office that will make you enjoy all the benefits of a home office.

I want to help make the decision easier …

All the same, I can help you with a number of ideas that will make your work easier in your effort to set up a productive home office. I’m talking about the things any working mom needs to set up her epic home office that will make her rock like a star.

Granted, some of these things for making a home office work for maximum results are common knowledge. But, hey, there are others that are a bit subtle and, therefore, not so easy to identify.

It is now time for me to share with you what I consider to be the biggest necessities for a properly-functioning home office for a working mom.


I don’t think we can easily run away from this one.

A home office cannot exist in a vacuum, you know? Somehow, it must be located somewhere in house.

Since there are toddlers and, possibly, very demanding adolescent kiddies all around you, the need to choose the most appropriate location in the home for your office space is not a decision to be taken lightly.

The first question to ask yourself, therefore, is this. Do I have the place for an office in my home at all?

In the happy event that you are able to spot a corner in the home (garage, living room, kitchen, storeroom, courtyard etc) that can be used for an office you will still need to convince yourself about its suitability.

How is the lighting?

Is the ventilation okay for you?

How difficult is it for the kids to disturb from where they usually live in the house? Because this one ought to be pretty difficult; if not …

Will you be comfortable receiving clients and other visitors from there?

And so on and so forth.

These are just a few of the factors to consider before finally deciding to make that particular area your home office space.


Every office needs some kind of furniture.

Even if you are a minimalist, you cannot work standing. Also, your office equipment and stationery need tables, desks, cabinets etc to be able to give of their best.

And don’t forget the day you will have a client or a crowd coming to you for business. Just make sure you get your basic furniture needs sorted out as quickly as possible.


This is the obvious one after talking about furniture.

Every modern office needs things like computers, printers as well as other accessories. You must look for the most appropriate communication gadgets so you will be in constant contact with all those matter in your business activities.

It could be that you are working for an employer. You might even be a freelancer or virtual assistant. In all these cases, getting the right telecommunication equipment for your home office should definitely be a top priority.

Your personality

I told you. Not all the requirements for starting a productive home office are so obvious.

The truth is a home office is not something everybody can manage in the most efficient manner. This then is where your personality traits will come in to play a huge role.

What kind of individual are you when it comes to working without direct supervision. Are you a self-starter? Can you motivate yourself enough to do what needs to be done without someone else carrying a whip close to you?

Are you disciplined enough to put your time to productive use – all by yourself? How well-organized are you in running your personal affairs?

Because all these will ultimately reflect in your work output.

Self-assessment needed, please …

Pause for a moment to do some serious soul-searching. Do you still think you’ve got the right personality to work on your own from home?

Good for you if you say yes. This is the only time you must begin taking the steps to set up that home office you’ve always dreamt of.

Wrapping it up

Like I said at the beginning of this post, much as it is a good idea to have a home office, it will only be worth the effort if that office can be made to produce the results we need.

The above list of requirements for setting up a productive home office is by no means exhaustive.

There are a lot more things to take into consideration. But, honestly speaking, I think that getting these right will go a long way to ensuring that your home office is able to give you the benefits that made you go for it.


Hi, I am Jemima. I'm here to help you do awesome things that will add value to your life.

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