Why Should I Make My Career Benefit My Family?

Did you know that making your career benefit your family can have a positive effect on your personal goals as a working mom?

I know, I know. You might be saying right now with a growl: What has my career got to do with my family, huh? Haven’t they been benefiting via food on the table already?

Well, a lot, honestly.

The connection between family life and work life

I want to let you in on a secret. In case you didn’t know, there is a magical correlation between your work life and the state of your family.

It has been proven that working mothers who come from families with a firm grounding tend to be more productive.

Secondly, these are the women who feel happier while at work

Do not also forget that happy working moms have a greater potential to climb the steps of the corporate ladder faster.

Happy kids and a contented partner combine to make all these possible.

You can now begin to see why you should be contributing to making your family stronger and healthier. Your best reason for doing so is to make your career benefit your family in a variety of ways.

Below are some creative ways to make your career benefit your kids and your partner as well.

Share your wins with them

Got a promotion? Break the news to them and go ahead to celebrate with them.

I am aware that some working moms are too occupied with “more serious stuff” to consider a “normal promotion” as something to celebrate at home with their kids.

But that’s where you may be missing the point. When you bring the news of your victories (even the little ones) home, you make your tribe to feel proud of you.

Moreover, their self-confidence gets an instant boost.

Mom is super!

Trust the kids to announce your latest moment of glory to their friends at school or at play.

As for your partner, he is sure to “honey you” the more.

All these combine to create a positive atmosphere inside the home.

Take them on business trips

For self-employed working moms, your next business trip is a good opportunity to create more fun moments in your family.

No, I’m by no means suggesting that you pack your band of kiddos with hubby in the back seat to attend those conferences.

You can certainly do better without a crowd when it matters most.

The reality, however, is that small business owners have this awesome advantage of blending life and fun with business.

And that is exactly what I’m referring to here.

Are you a vlogger travelling to a tourist destination for more video recordings for your YouTube channel? Let the kids come along with you to share in the fun. The same applies to you if you’re a professional photographer.

It is equally possible for the mainstream blogger whose job is to produce massive volumes of content in text format.

Besides your laptop, make sure your children make your next trip to your secret beach side resort where you go to work every Summer. All you need to do is to plan it in such a way that it coincides with their vacation period.

Give them gifts occasionally

I am thinking of gifts that relate to your work. Like the photographer example I gave a moment ago, you may consider buying a cute digital camera for the family. They will thank you for it.

And, next time you’re doing your professional work during a family trip, they too will be having great fun with theirs.

Do you need to spend extra money on these gifts? Not necessarily. Especially if you cannot easily afford it.

We all know that there are certain old tools or equipment that stop serving a useful purpose in an advanced stage of our careers. Why don’t you consider giving them away?

Apart from equipment, other gift items worth considering are money, dresses and footwear.

Just remember that you will have to do a bit of budgeting and planning to execute this one in a most helpful manner.

Teach your kids about the business/job

That is if you find out that they show interest and have the talent for it. Who knows, this could be your chance to put in motion a succession plan.

You need no telling that the time will come when you are not able or willing to run the business anymore.

So, grooming one child or two to take over when the time comes is a good way of making your career benefit your family. Not to talk of the fact that, you will be helping your children escape the prospect of joblessness when they finish school.

Can you now see why it is important for every working mom to make her career benefit the family? Have you got some interesting ideas on this topic that you would love to share? Use the comment section below.


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