Why You Might Need a Career Change

Have you been considering the possibility of a career change lately? So what is stopping you from making the move after years in your current job?

Is it fear of the unknown? Or you simply don’t want to move away from the people you’ve come to love all these years?

Probably, old-fashioned wisdom is telling you a bird in hand is worth two in the bush.

But I don’t think your desire is to head in the direction of the bush. No pun intended. You obviously know what to do and which career destination is best for your future goals.

This is why, if you ask me, I’ll promptly tell you to go for a career change. Especially if you strongly feel about it.

I’ve assembled a few reasons why working moms might just be okay changing careers once in a while.

Mind you, this is not to say that changing careers will work for every working mom and every situation.

Now let’s have the reasons that make a career change a good idea for a working mom.

Relocating to a different city or neighbourhood

One reason many people consider changing their careers has to do with movement to another place. How can this affect one’s career? Lots of ways, really.

Let’s have an example.

If for any reason you and the family have to relocate to another city, chances are that the conditions that favoured your career in the previous place might not be available in your new environment.

Retailers and other small business people rely heavily on such factors as nearness and size of market, transport, power supply among others.

You may therefore consider a career change when conditions that favour your business have suddenly changed due to movement to another locality.

Inadequate income

The primary function of most careers is to help put food on the table.

There are other needs that your income must cater for. Some of these are clothing, education, utilities and health care. It takes a certain level of income to meet the needs of the family.

I agree that effective budgeting backed by prudence with daily expenses play a major role in all this.

But, sometimes, it becomes clear that no matter how frugal you want to get with your finances, your income level will be just too little to weather the harsh economic storm swirling around you.

This is when you have to start looking for a better paying job.

The passion is gone

For reasons best known to you, there is no way you can bring that initial fire back. You have completely lost interest in your current employment or business.

All you crave for nowadays days is a new adventure.

You want to try new things and see how they pan out. Nothing is stopping you, but only you. So stop standing in the way of your need for more excitement in your career.

It is most probably right for you to look for new adventures.

Your goals for the future have changed.

There was a reason why you went for that career in the first place. Now, you’ve convinced yourself that it’s been worth it but something needs to change.

For you, the status quo cannot be allowed to be as it is. In fact, when you look beyond the horizon, you can hardly see a bright light ahead of you with your current job or business remaining your main activity.

Who knows, you probably had a specific set of goals for this one and now you think enough has been achieved. It is simply time to move on. And this, I believe, is what you ought to be doing.

Growth comes through change and constant realignment of our personal dreams. Let a career change make that growth happen once more.

A new member of the family has arrived.

As a working mom, your new baby is going to place certain demands on your time and attention. This new development often calls for a drastic change in your work life.

No wonder, an increasing number of working mothers is migrating towards the work-at-home career model.

With a well-organized home office space, a couple of communication gadgets and a computer in reasonably good condition, you can start working online on any given day.

Just to let you know the rewards are good provided you are willing to put in the initial investment of time and energy.

A career change in this scenario will now afford you the opportunity to take good care of your infant child – and even the older ones.

The above are some of the compelling reasons a working mother may decide on a career change during their work life. There are examples of people who managed to pull it off with amazing success. You could be one such person for all you care to know. I urge you to make the move for a career change especially if your gut feelings persist.


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