Top 5 Daily Decisions to Make a Priority

We all wake up each morning having to deal with countless daily decisions. You and I have the option to either run helter-skelter through these daily decisions or to work with a priority list containing the decisions that matter most.

I’m very much aware of the fact that many of the daily decisions that every working mom will have to take are never predictable. But some are.

These are decisions that form part of the daily routine. You cannot miss these daily decisions. Somehow, they will crop up in the course of the day.

So my question is, will you wait for them to come up before deciding on what to do? Wouldn’t it be more helpful to consider having a carefully designed strategy for making sure that such decisions produce only the best results for your job, business, kids and your entire family?

More importantly, I would recommend that you make such daily decisions a top priority.

It is better this way than to allow them to get mixed up with the mundane. Because, truly, these may be the ones that produce the most significant results for your business and your household. Call it the 80/20 principle and you cannot be wrong.

What type of decisions are we talking about anyway? Following is my list of the top 5 daily decisions no working mom should ever take lightly. That is, if you want to optimize the way you utilize your resources for  the best results.

1. Feeding

Every day, the family must have the right kind of diet. This is your key to keeping yourself and the kids healthy and strong. And that is why you cannot afford to allow all forms of decisions relating to feeding to be left to chance.

Important feeding or dietary decisions to deliberately plan for include, but are not limited to, the ones below.

The amount of money to be allocated to the purchase of adequate quantities of foodstuffs, the type of meal to serve, the source of foods and drinks and when food should be ready for everyone.

2. Other important expenses

It is not in your interest to wait for the time to make what you’re aware are your predictable expenses to arrive before running around to see what you can do to fix them.

Quick fixes and on-the-spot decisions for such expenses as the purchase of children’s school materials, utilities and the like will end up causing you the sort of financial stress you wouldn’t wish on yourself.

Therefore, it is a good idea to make these daily decisions a priority on your to-do list.

3. Older children’s household chores

Here, I’m interested in decisions as to who does what and when.

For every working mom, the day always starts with the pressing need to get things done quickly so everyone can go to school and to the office – as the case may be.

Later in the day, dinner may have to be served. Key errands will be waiting to be run and so forth and so on. As you and I are aware, this is where the contribution of our older children comes in.

We always need their help, don’t we? That is why we must make this aspect of our daily decisions a top priority.

In fact, for these activities to be carried out in efficiently, it is best to devote some time to sharing upfront the responsibilities for the various tasks to finish each day.

4. Conflict resolution

Instances of conflict that will arise during the day can be many and sometimes overwhelming for any working mother.

From the home to the workplace, you will have no other choice but to find ways to resolve one form of conflict or the other.

It is true that some of these conflicts are unexpected. However, having a personal plan in advance as to how to handle any form of conflict that comes up can do a lot of good to your mental well-being, at least.

General strategies about your attitude to any form of provocation, how to resolve misunderstandings at the office or among your children will come in handy any time the situation demands the wisest response from you.    

5. Work-related priorities

Working moms who know how to organize their work life properly tend to be a lot more productive than the rest of us.

Rushing through your business-related tasks haphazardly each day only stresses you out. You won’t have much to show for it at the end of the day.

A better option is to make planning for what needs to be given the most attention one of your major daily decisions. This is where the ubiquitous to-do list comes in. And I will really urge you to make it count.

Let’s wrap it up …

It should be obvious to you at this point that to get the most satisfying results out of your typical day calls for something more than just waiting to take and figure out whatever comes up when it does.

The above and many others are key daily decisions that need to be made a priority. Because they will invariably determine the success or otherwise of your entire life as a working mom.

I would love to know how you’ve been organizing your day as a working mom. Are you getting the results you desire. Let me know what you think in the comment section.


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