How to Prevent Minor Accidents at Home

As working moms, we know the distress we go through when we are called upon to deal with minor accidents at home. All of a sudden, you have to leave a task right in the middle to rush home for an emergency.

On many occasions, your plans to beat the morning rush hour and get to the office early are disrupted when a child suffers from a fall or burns herself while playing with fire or some other hot liquid like soup or water.

In some instances, the hospital is the next place you will end up instead of that business meeting. Now, if you’re lucky, you may get away with spending a few coins on first aid medication.

But which working mom enjoys spending on things they never planned for? This is why it is necessary for every working mom to learn to prevent minor accidents at home.

Following are ways you and I can help ourselves by preventing minor accidents at home.


Teaching older children to develop simple personal safety habits can prevent them from putting themselves in harms way when it comes to burns suffered from fire and hot liquids.

It is important for you to let your kids understand that careless handling of fire can lead to physical harm or even a major fire outbreak.

Hot soup, hot water and the like must also be handled with great care.

As a busy working mom yourself, you will want to remain vigilant as you make early morning preparations to leave for work early. Avoid rushing and handling hot liquid in ways that can accidentally burn that toddler child of yours.

It is a good idea to keep the little ones far away from fire and other hot substances in the kitchen or elsewhere.

And before all members of the household step out of the door, make sure all fires and electrical outlets are properly switched off.


Sharp objects, if not handled properly, can cause all forms of accidents at home. This is why you need to place them where it is difficult for your kids, especially the toddlers to reach them.

I’m referring to knives, pins, razor blades and the like. You do not want to find yourself in the uncomfortable situation where your child bleeds profusely while you have no idea as to how to stop the bleeding, the pain and the screaming too.

Swallowing the wrong things

Children love to put things into their mouths. So this is one area you will need to remain extra vigilant.

One culprit here is that tiny coin.

Gift coins must be quickly taken away from your children. Let them scream to the heavens if that is what it will take to save their innocent little souls from disaster.

Again, desist from the habit of leaving coins, pins and other harmful objects in places where kids normally play.

It is also helpful to teach the older ones to keep an eye on the infants or toddlers as they roam about the house.

Remember, even unwholesome water and other toxic liquids can harm your children at a time you never expected it.


Almost every working mom is aware of the all-too-familiar situation where a child suffers a fall that results in one form of injury or the other.

Let’s quickly remind ourselves of these situations that are prone to result in our lovely children suffering very dangerous falls.

Playing that involves dangerous levels of jumping

There is the real danger of a child landing on their arms or heads while innocently doing those breathtaking jumps. As a caring mom, you should not look on unconcerned while your children are busy preparing for you, your next medical bill and countless sleepless nights on top of that.

Climbing the stairs of a storey building

Your baby could fall and land on any part of the body leading to a nasty injury. If you’re lucky, they may fall into something like a bucket down below. Someone once told me of his experience when he was a toddler. The big scar is still there, decades after.

Reckless running

Growing children, with overflowing energy, are known to indulge in this extremely dangerous activity. Keep an eye on them.

Finally, it is good advice for you to not allow your baby to hang precariously at the edge of  that bed or sofa. Because prevention is always better than cure.


Mind you, I’m by no means advocating the extreme practice of literally locking up your children in a cage. In fact, our kids need to play and explore their environment. It is good for their health. And it is best for us as working moms to have the time for ourselves in order to become more productive.

But, as working moms, we need to remain vigilant lest we place our children’s in harm’s way. Teaching children to act and play responsibly, coaching them in basic personal safety practices and being there for the infants when it matters most will all help to prevent minor accidents at home.


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