Best Decluttering Practices for Working Moms

One magical way to supercharge yourself for higher productivity is to adopt the best practices to declutter your life.

Getting overwhelmed with too many unnecessary belongings and other stuff in your house, office or life in general is a familiar feeling among working moms.

This feeling of overwhelm often extends to even your emotions and general state of being.

But how can you regularly rid your life of unnecessary stuff? How do you declutter your environment and your life so you can get super productive?

Here are some of the best decluttering practices you can adopt to make life less burdensome for you as a busy working mom.

Stuffed wardrobe – give them away.

You and I know there are wears we’ve kept for years without touching them. Kids’ wears are the best example here. Because they develop rapidly at this stage of their lives, they quickly leave too many dresses and footwear behind. One effective way to declutter your wardrobe is to give away as much as you can.

Office stationery and equipment

Right there in your office may be piles of paper that you know pretty well you might never need again. The same applies to other forms of office equipment. Some are in disrepair or have become outmoded. And they occupy space, blocking your way wherever you turn.

Destroy those that need to go down for good. You can even sell some as second-hand goods to people who need them.

Projects, plans and ideas

As an ambitious working mom, it is great to have projects or ideas to work on. Without business, career or business goals, we will not find the motivation to keep working.

However, it can get stressful where there are too many of these on the table at one time.

One helpful way to declutter in this area of your life is to let go of those dreams that have become nothing other than pipe-dreams.

Another strategy you can adopt is to prioritize your tasks so you can postpone, for another day, week, month or year, what needs to be ignored for the moment.


Let’s begin with your photo album. Then add axe those countless images that have become a burden, slowing down your smartphone or computer for no reason.

You know this or that photo or image is still there for none other than some funny sentimental reason. Let’s not forget those gifts you got on those special occasions years ago.

Wedding day gifts, birthday cards, Christmas presents and many others are in this category of memorabilia that have lost their shine and relevance with the passage of time.

Gather the courage to delete them or burn them as the case may be.

The instant feeling of lightness which will follow this decluttering exercise will enable you to become a more focused, less distracted and a highly productive working mom.

Emotional clutter

Why don’t you seriously consider putting the hurt you suffered in that failed relationship behind you?

Your feeling of resentment resulting from the bad treatment you got from your boss or colleague the other time is still in there, torturing your poor soul.

You can’t seem to forget easily the huge loss you suffered from that raw deal you got from a business associate you trusted so much.

The pain from your loss of a loving child or loved one a long time ago remains inside you eating deep int o your blood and flesh while, causing you to lose focus very easily.

You might even be experiencing health problems from emotional clutter of this nature.

Turning to your faith and seeking comfort is known to work wonders for some. I urge you to try it if you are a person of faith.

You will also help yourself a great deal by turning to a counsellor or psychologist for support. And, remember, there is a whole lot you can personally do to remove unhelpful emotional garbage from your life.

Meditation, relocating to a new environment, looking for other personal goals are just some of the many ways to help yourself get rid of emotional clutter.

Last word

Just keep in mind that as busy working moms, you and I need a certain degree of clarity to go through our daily tasks without losing it.

Clarity gives focus. Not only that; it brings about increased productivity. This is reason enough for you to adopt the best practices to declutter your life.


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