Maternity Leave for Mompreneurs – Is It Really Necessary?

There are some people who see maternity leave for mompreneurs as too much of a luxury. You will also find quite a sizeable number of working moms who see nothing wrong with taking a maternity leave when they are at the advanced stage of pregnancy.

What would you do in a situation like this? Must you go on maternity leave even when you’re your own boss?

I personally think we need to take into account a number of factors that must determine the answer to the question of maternity leave for mompreneurs.

As you begin to consider the possibility of going on your next maternity leave, I will urge you to be guided by the points I’ve listed below.

You should be the final decider

Honestly, like every other major life decision, the issue of the rightness or wrongness of maternity leave for mompreneurs should ultimately be settled by the woman involved.

Don’t forget, you’re not working for anybody. You’re your own boss for God’s sake.

This is why you have the power to assess your overall situation and take a decision in your best interests. Just keep it in your mind that this is not one of those issues you look into a textbook or watch some YouTube video for someone’s prescription.

You might even be shocked to learn that such an “expert” on maternity leave for working moms has actually never been pregnant before. So who are they to tell you what is best for you?

Can your maternity history allow it?

Let’s assume for a second that this is not going to be the first time you got pregnant or are about to do so. Surely, you’ve got some experience to guide you.

What was it like before? Were you productive enough while you were expecting a baby within a short period of time?

Did you need more rest and relaxation than work? What was the doctor’s recommendation at the time? Did the gynecologist advise that you scale down your workload during your next pregnancy?

The answers you give to questions of this nature can tell which is the right choice to make.

Your health matters.

Yes, just as your business also matters. Remember that without your strength and life, when it’s all over, the business is of no importance anymore.

So, do what will make you live beyond the pregnancy.

The type of business counts.

The choice or otherwise of maternity for mompreneurs must also take into consideration the specific business one is operating.

Some businesses require the abiding presence of the owner more than others. Which category does yours fall into?

Is it possible for you to delegate your responsibilities so you can have a break at this crucial time in the life of your baby and of your own self?

What culture have you been promoting at the workplace over the years? Have you got systems in place so your processes will continue to run on autopilot while you’re away for the period?

Maybe, you’re a diehard solopreneur – no assistants or even employees whatsoever. This presents you with tough decisions to make.

Wrapping up

Whatever decision you take in your personal case regarding the issue of maternity leave for mompreneurs must serve your best interests. That’s the point I’ve tried to put across to you. And when you’re at a loss as to what to do, choose your life and that of your baby first.

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